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Joint Circular 02/2016/TTLT BNG-BTP on Civil Status Registration in Vietnam Consular Office Abroad

Joint Circular 02/2016/TTLT BNG-BTP of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice regulates the registration and management of civil status at the diplomatic mission agency, consular representative offices of Vietnam in foreign country. The Joint Circular is issued on June 30th 2016.

Under the provisions of this Circular, representative offices in the consular area where the parent of the child resides or where the child was born have to perform birth registration for the children that were born abroad, not yet performed birth registration in foreign competent authority and fall into one of the following cases, such as: Having parents who are nationals of Vietnam; Having mother who is Vietnam citizen, the father is a stateless or unidentified person; Having father or mother who is citizen of Vietnam, the remaining person is foreigner, the parents have written agreement on choosing Vietnam nationality for the child when implementing birth registration.
Birth registration dossier includes: Birth registration declaration; Birth certification or other documents issued by the competent authority certifying that the child is born abroad and the relations between mother and child; The written agreement of the parents on choosing Vietnam nationality for the child if the child has father or mother who is foreigner.
This Joint Circular takes effect from August 15th 2016.
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