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Cosmetics Workshop, Event Organizing Registration Services

In addition to the cosmetics advertising on mass media such as television, radio, electronic portals (Internet, Website), books, newspapers, magazines, flyers, posters, underwater objects or other means of advertising, the cosmetics business can make or sponsor, authorize other entities to carry out workshop activities to introduce cosmetic products.
The cosmetic businesses are only allowed to advertise, organize seminars and events to introduce the cosmetic products when having the Receipt of advertising, seminar, cosmetic introduction events registration dossiers as prescribed by law.

Cosmetic advertising content must be consistent with the documents proving the safety and efficacy of the cosmetics and must comply with published guidelines of ASEAN cosmetic product features.
1. Services that ANT Lawyers provide for customers:
+ Consultation on the announcement of cosmetics, import cosmetics, cosmetics advertising.
+ Consulting on the registration and documentation of organizing conferences, workshops to introduce and advertise cosmetics as requested by customers.
+ On behalf of customer to fill in the cosmetics advertising registration where business operates or where enterprise organizes conference, workshop to advertise cosmetics.
+ On behalf of customer to contact, work and receive information from the competent State agencies related to the implementation process.
+ Amend and supplement the dossier as prescribed by the competent State agencies upon requested.
+ Inform customers about the validity result from the competent State agencies.
2. Registration dossier includes:
+ Trader registrated to advertise cosmetics, orgasnize seminar, event to introduce cosmetic products.
+ A copy of the business registration.
+ A copy of the cosmetic product announcement card that has been granted.
+ POA of organizations and individuals that announce the cosmetic products for the one who organizing cosmetic seminar, introduction event (in case of the event organization or individual register for advertising, organizing the seminar, cosmetic introduction event which  are the one who held, published cosmetic products).
+ Document disclosures for the features, the use of the product in the case of the advertising contents, the contents presented at the seminar, cosmetic introduction event mentioned features, the use of the product beyond the content stated in the cosmetic product announcement card.
+ 02 advertising scripts (script must clearly describe the pictures, lyrics, music intends to advertise) or 02 advertising forms intend to release (applicable to the advertising registration dosssier) or documents intend to display, release at the seminar, cosmetic introduction event (applicable to workshop registration dossier).
3. Ways to file registration of cosmetic advertising, organizing seminar, event introduced cosmetic products:
a) Cosmetic registration dossier may be compiled for one or more products, can advertised on one or more means of mass media.
Cosmetics advertisement, advertising script can be made ​​for one or more different products.
b) The event, workshop organizing registration dossier may be compiled for one or more products to be held in one or more locations in the province, city
The procedure time: 10 working days from the time when the customer provides valid records and documents as required.

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